Your Guide to Parental Alienation

Dr. Cara Koch has written this go-to book for parents who do not know what to do when their child rejects them. It is based on her personal experience as an alienated parent before the experience had a name.

She has healed her own grief, researched the literature on this new field of parental alienation and conducted a nation-wide survey to interview other rejected parents and learn about their experience firsthand.

  • What parental alienation is and how it works
  • Who teaches their child to reject the other parent and why
  • Stories of other alienated parents
  • How to find and screen parental alienation-qualified professionals
  • What works to resolve alienated relationships
  • Next steps YOU can take to erase and prevent parental alienation

Meet Dr. Cara Koch

Dr. Cara E. Koch is a Parental Alienation expert, author and researcher who has written the upcoming book, From Heartbreak to Healing: Resolving Parental Alienation. The book recounts her own experience of 43 years as an alienated parent and outlines the vast progress made recently to renew parent/child relationships that may have seemed hopeless.

Cara has a professional background in child development and family relationships where she managed child development programs serving working parents and their children, plus a doctorate in children’s [innate] spirituality.