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10 Red Flags That Are Used by a Parent to Turn a Child Against the Other Parent

Parental Alienation occurs when one parent turns a child against the other parent through emotional manipulation. A divorce usually is the genesis.

When alienation happens, three core messages are generated:

  • The child believes the other parent abandoned and does not love him.
  • The child believes the other parent is dangerous and cannot be counted on.
  • The child becomes dependent on the alienating parent.
Protect yourself. Protect your child. Discover the Red Flags to help you both.

Your Guide to Parental Alienation


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Dr. Cara Koch has written this go-to book for parents who do not know what to do when their child rejects them. It is based on her personal experience as an alienated parent before the experience had a name.

She has healed her own grief, researched the literature on this new field of parental alienation,  conducted a nation-wide survey to interview other rejected parents and learn about their experience firsthand.

  • What parental alienation is and how it works
  • Who teaches their child to reject the other parent and why
  • Stories of other alienated parents
  • How to find and screen parental alienation-qualified professionals
  • What works to resolve alienated relationships
  • Next steps YOU can take to erase and prevent parental alienation


Experts Are Talking

From Heartbreak to Healing: Resolving Parental Alienation is a profound contribution to the literature on parental alienation. I recommend this to any parent who may be wondering whether parental alienation may be happening to them.”
Jennifer Harman, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Colorado State University, Co-Author, When Parents Behave Badly

From Heartbreak to Healing provides a rich exploration of the phenomenon of parental alienation. It is an excellent resource for social, legal and mental health professionals, scholars and parents who struggle to understand and provide best practice and remedies to and with families where parental alienation is considered to be a factor.
Brian O Sullivan, MSc (Syst. Psych), Co-Founder of Parental Alienation Europe

The onset of parental alienation may occur over a few weeks, from the time the child is affectionate and communicative to the day he is belligerent, oppositional, and even hateful. When it does, the back-and-forth pattern of a child wanting to be with the alienated parent, then bolting and avoiding contact is confusing, frustrating and damaging for both parent and child. Once parental alienation is in place, it can last a lifetime. Cara Koch’s revealing book is a tell-all of one parent’s mercurial journey to stay connected against all odds.
William Bernet, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University School