Raising Awareness about the Devastating Form of Child Abuse: Parental Alienation

raising awareness about parental alienation, the devastating form of child abuse

Have you told your friends about my website that offers FREE RESOURCES to help all families understand how parental alienation affects us all? This is how you can join with the world-wide campaign to raise awareness about the devastating form of child abuse that has reached epidemic proportions around the world. Media expert David Curl, … Read more

Parental Alienation is a Medical Emergency

parental alienation is a medical emergency Cara Koch

Parental alienation begins when one parent starts to instill in their child negative views against the other parent, even though the targeted parent is generally more emotionally stable than the parent who is doing the alienating. As the alienation increases, the child gradually becomes more hostile toward the targeted parent and may refuse contact entirely. … Read more

It Takes A Village to Overcome Parental Alienation

It Takes A Village to Overcome Parental Alienation

Parental alienation erases a parent from the life of their child. With parental alienation being identified as a silent epidemic in the United States and throughout the world, it is past time to realize that it is a problem that isolated families cannot solve on their own. It takes a village to overcome this hidden … Read more

Choosing a Therapist for Parental Alienation

Choosing a Therapist for Parental Alienation

There is currently no credentialing body to provide specific criteria to help parents identify experts trained in the sub-specialty of parental alienation because it is still an emerging field. There are, however, a core group of researchers and clinicians who have developed a core knowledge base for the diagnosis, intervention and treatment of parental alienation. … Read more

Is There Parental Alienation in Your Family?

Stop Parental Allienation Now!

Most parents want the best for their children, wouldn’t you agree? Then how is it that parental alienation has reached epidemic proportions in recent years? Parental alienation occurs when one parent turns a child against the other (healthy) parent through emotional manipulation. It is a largely overlooked form of emotional child and spouse abuse. Parental … Read more