Available Late Fall 2019


Do you know anyone whose children have rejected them or who refuse to contact their parents?
If so, learn why this is now an epidemic throughout the world.

    • Personal story of healing after 43 years of parental alienation
    • What is Parental Alienation and how does it work?
    • Who teaches their child to reject the other parent and why?
    • Stories of other target parents
    • What works to resolve parental alienation?
    • Next steps to erase parental alienation


Price: $20 per book

Dr. Cara E. Koch is a Parental Alienation expert and the author of From Heartbreak to Healing: Resolving Parental Alienation. The book recounts her own experience of 43 years as an alienated parent and outlines the vast progress made recently to renew parent/child relationships that may have seemed hopeless. It includes the stories of others who participated in the author’s nationwide survey of other target parents. Her book is also a call to action for reforming our mental health and legal approach to family law, so parent/child relationships are assured support through the divorce process and beyond.

Dr. Koch has a BS degree in child development and family relationships; a MS degree in childcare administration and a doctorate in children’s [innate] spirituality.