Help Erase Parental Alienation

Parental alienation erases a parent from the life of their child.

With parental alienation being identified as a silent epidemic in the United States and throughout the world, it is past time to realize that it is a problem that isolated families cannot solve on their own. It takes a village to overcome this hidden suffering because its causes are rooted deeply in cultural assumptions as they change and transform the way families operate, and because the fallout of children and spouses being abused through parental alienation affects us all in ways we may not realize.

Therefore, we all must become involved in the solution.


1. Begin with self-education.

  • Read books and articles by parental alienation experts.
  • Join on-line courses about parental alienation.
  • Examine your own family dynamics.
  • Check out your own state’s rules about child custody.
  • Ask your school administrators of they and their staff know about parental alienation.
  • Follow blogs of parental alienation experts for up-to-the-minute information.

2. Spread the word.

  • Share what you are learning about parental alienation with family, friends and others.
  • Ask professionals you know (mental health professionals, attorneys) what they know about parental alienation; then share what you know.
  • Suggest a book on parental alienation for your book club to read.
  • Share accurate, research-based information about parental alienation on social media.
  • Join a local parental alienation support group—or start a new one.

3. Take Action!

  • Join a local parental alienation support group—or start a new one.
  • Offer to do a talk about parental alienation to a community group.
  • Become active in one of the online parental alienation support organizations.
  • Suggest a school-based intervention to teach problem-solving skills to children experiencing divorce or separation (such as critical thinking skills which equip children to resist alienation.)
  • Contact your state legislators to express your concern about the epidemic of parental alienation.
  • Volunteer to be on a State Task Force to explore needed legislation.