Raising Awareness about the Devastating Form of Child Abuse: Parental Alienation

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This is how you can join with the world-wide campaign to raise awareness about the devastating form of child abuse that has reached epidemic proportions around the world.

Media expert David Curl, who oversees an international nonprofit called For Kids’ Sake, is leading an effort to transform our approach to family separation. He points out that ordinary people need to see how this issue affects them. Even though only a small percentage of parents end up in court to resolve custody issues, custody laws affect all separating parents by establishing norms about what is believed to be “in the children’s best interest.”

Some basic principles being advocated include:

  1. Treat family breakdown as a child health and social issue.
  2. Educate and support families better, especially around separation.
  3. Promote and invest in healthier, evidence-based approaches that prevent harm.
  4. Require non-adversarial approaches when children are involved.
  5. Introduce specialized training and accreditation for all professionals involved.
  6. Simplify family law and make the long-term welfare of children paramount.